Today everything must be clarified “on paper”, oral contracts so popular in old times have lost their value, so it is good to have clearly written terms of cooperation with both a foreign and domestic partner. In this way, we will avoid many problems. It often happens that even cooperation with a permanent partner ends in a court of law, but in this place counts only what is written and signed by authorized persons, not verbal findings.

We help to prepare and draw up agreements that will take care of the Entrepreneur’s interests and settle contentious issues that have not been regulated by law.

We prepare contracts based on applicable law, knowledge and experience as well as the needs and requirements of the Entrepreneur. Examples of documents are:

1. Agreement (in Polish and English languages):

– Sales agreement (purchase-sale) with domestic and foreign contractor

-International Transport Agreement /Domestic Transport Agreement

– Forwarding Agreement,

– Maritime Transport Agreement,

-Storaging Agreement of Palletized Goods,

– Rail Transport Agreement

– Agreement for Sea Transport, Transhipment and Storage of Bulk Loads (Bulk)

-Agreement for Rail Transport and Port Service

– Agreement for Rail Transport, Reloading and Storage of Bulk Cargoes,

2. Other documents and contracts depending on the client’s needs.