In times when everything must be written down and specified, when we must provide our Partners with clear and transparent instructions so as to avoid errors, misunderstandings, unnecessary costs and that organize relations with our Partners, the Entrepreneur should have proper documentation.

We prepare the documents based on the applicable law, knowledge and experience, the needs and requirements of the Entrepreneur and with care for his interests. Examples of documents are:

1. Transport orders (in Polish and English languages):

– Transport Order (also in English and Russian),

– Forwarding Order (also in English and Russian),

– Forwarding Order on intermodal container transport

– Forwarding Order on transporting containers by road

– Forwarding Order on handling containers in the port

– Maritime Transport Order,

– Domestic Rail Order and Foreign Rail Order

2. Documents specifying detailed terms of cooperation with Carriers and Forwarders (in Polish and English languages):

– Conditions of Carriage,

– Conditons of Forwarding,

– Conditions of Forwarding the Intermodal Transport for Containers,

-Conditions of Carriage the Containers by Road,

-Conditions of Forwarding on handling containers in the port,

– Conditions of Sea Transport,

-Conditions of Carriage by domestic and foreign railway .

3. Shipping lists and accompanying documents:

– Domestic Waybill,

– CMR document

– Domestic Rail Waybill

-CIM Waybill

– Transport Document of Hazardous Materials,

-Proof of delivery (POD)

– Document of non-compliance in delivery.

4.Commercial documents (in Polish and English languages)

-Offer for Domestic and Foreign Customer

– Asking for the goods to the National and Foreign Suppliers

– Order for goods from / to the Domestic and Foreign Suppliers and Customers

– Confirmation of the order to the domestic and foreign contractor

– Business Terms (detailed terms of cooperation with Suppliers and Recipients of goods)

-Complaint form / Report 8D

5. Warehouse documents

– Order to Release the Goods from the Warehouse.

– Order to Release the Goods from the External Warehouse

– Order to place goods from a container to an external warehouse

-Information about returnable packaging and pallets

– Conditions of order for placing an item from a container to a warehouse (detailed terms of cooperation with the forwarding agent)